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Execution on Classiq simulators

Classiq offers execution on simulators that are located at the Classiq backend.


These simulators don't require an account on a different cloud, and are usually fast to execute.

Simulator Usage

from classiq.execution import ClassiqBackendPreferences

preferences = ClassiqBackendPreferences(
    backend_name="Name of requested quantum simulator"

Opening info tab

Classiq supports following simulators:

  1. simulator, a general-purpose quantum simulator.

  2. simulator_statevector, which returns the full state vector. Since the state vector is exponentially large, this simulator is only suitable for small circuits.

  3. simulator_density_matrix, a simulator based on density matrices.

  4. simulator_matrix_product_state, which is efficient for simulating circuits with a low level of entanglement.

The enum ClassiqSimulatorBackendNames contains these names.

Nvidia Simulator Usage

Execution on Nvidia simulators requires specific license permissions. Before first use, contact Classiq support.

from classiq.execution import ClassiqBackendPreferences

preferences = ClassiqBackendPreferences(backend_name="nvidia_state_vector_simulator")

Opening info tab


The number of execution requests to the NVIDIA simulator may be limited. If you encounter any problem, contact Classiq support.