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Upgrade Instructions


  1. Add randomized_benchmarking to the QMOD DSL and Python SDK.
  2. Add text-only flag to the Python SDK. This can be activated via the configuration file or the CLASSIQ_TEXT_ONLY environment variable.
  3. Native QMOD now fully supports the relational operations ==, >, <, >=, and <=, and the logical or, and, and not: support for classical expressions was added.
  4. Native QMOD now supports quantum_if statements.

Interface Changes

  1. The qint and qfixed types were replaced with qnum. This new type doesn't require specifying its fixed-point precision

Deprecation Notice - Python SDK

The following submodules of the classiq package are deprecated and will be removed in the coming releases:

  • applications
  • builtin_functions
  • interface
  • model
  • quantum_functions
  • quantum_register