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Execution on Classiq simulators

Classiq offers execution on simulators that are located at the Classiq backend.


These simulators don't require an account on a different cloud, and are usually fast to execute.

Aer Simulators Usage

from classiq.execution import ClassiqBackendPreferences

preferences = ClassiqBackendPreferences(
    backend_name="Name of requsted quantum simulator"

Opening info tab

The supported simulators are any Aer simulator, including:

  1. aer_simulator.

  2. aer_simulator_statevector.

  3. aer_simulator_density_matrix.

  4. aer_simulator_matrix_product_state.

Nvidia Simulator Usage

Execution on Nvidia simulators requires specific license permissions. Before first use, contact Classiq support.

from classiq.execution import ClassiqBackendPreferences

preferences = ClassiqBackendPreferences(backend_name="nvidia_state_vector_simulator")

Opening info tab


The number of execution requests to the NVIDIA simulator may be limited. If you encounter any problem, contact Classiq support.