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Upgrade Instructions

Interface Changes

  1. Add support for QReg slicing and concatenation in the Python SDK. See Textual Model vs. Python SDK Slicing.

  2. Display a more readable function name in the analyzer, removing the unique ID at the end of the function.

    • Note that the unique ID is still used to distinguish between functions in the OpenQASM and Analyzer search bars.
  3. Split FunctionData into ElementaryFunctionData and CompositeFunctionData. See Model.

New Features

  1. Allow qubit release specification. See qubit release.
  2. Add a generate_ucc_operators method to the GroundStateSolver class. See UCC operators.
  3. Add the amplitude loading function.
  4. Enable defining a ground state problem using a second quantized Hamiltonian. See Second Quantized Hamiltonian.
  5. Allow authentication without using a keyring. See Authentication on headless Linux systems.