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Upgrade Instructions

Interface Changes

  1. Remove the allow_input_override flag from Arithmetic Expressions to allow different override options for each variable. See New Features #2.
  2. Control unitary gates only via the general control mechanism, and not as a part of the function parameters. See Unitary Gate for the new syntax and Control for control of general functions, including unitary gates.
  3. Replace the inplace attribute of the binary Addition and Subtraction functions with inplace_arg, receiving an Optional[str] value, enabling New Features #7.
  4. Change the default behavior of show_interactive() to open the analyzer web application with the synthesized quantum program. To get the previous version, run show_interactive(local=True). See Analyzer Web App.
  5. Remove the execution result object and add specific results.
  6. Rename chemistry objects:
  • GroundStateProblem -> MoleculeProblem
  • GroundStateResult -> MoleculeResult
  • GroundStateExactResult -> MoleculeExactResult

New Features

  1. VS Code Extension: Add a new command to Classiq VS Code extension. You can now analyze generated circuits with the "Analyze Quantum Circuit From GeneratedCircuit" command, which opens an external link to the Classiq analyzer web application with the analyzed circuit loaded. Users who are not authenticated to Classiq Analyzer web app will be prompted to log in.
  2. Allow specific choice of variable overriding\saving in Arithmetic Expressions.
  3. Skip variance computation when using OptimizerPreferences. This decreases VQE execution time. See Solver Customization.
  4. Define variables with a fixed value in CombinatorialOptimization. See Combinatorial Optimization: Decision Variables.
  5. Propagate output_size in an arithmetic expression into all sub-expressions except those where an explicit output_size is defined. See Modulo.
  6. Allow easier access to counts of specific qubits in the execution result in the Python SDK. See Execution.
  7. Allow overriding both left and right arguments of Addition and Subtraction. Allow overriding either BitwiseXor argument. See the functions' documentation pages.
  8. Add the option to set model inputs and outputs.
  9. View all available devices, and use them as input to the analyzer's functions. See Available devices.
  10. "Hardware connectivity graphs" is now available from the SDK interactively. See Hardware-circuit connection.