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Upgrade Instructions

Interface Changes

  1. Rename the Q# from qs to qsharp and QIR from ll to qir. See Preferences.
  2. Rename FunctionCall to QuantumFunctionCall.
  3. Remove the static image of the circuit (i.e., the image attribute of GeneratedCircuit).
  4. Rename the show_interactive method to show (in GeneratedCircuit).
  5. Input a union of GaussianModelInput and LogNormalModelInput to the Finance object instead of an instance of FinanceModelInput. In a textual model, declare the parameters directly to the field model of finance. See Financial Models.
  6. Rename the oracle field of the Grover operator to oracle_params. See GroverOperator.
  7. Add a transpile_to_hardware flag to ExecutionPreferences, which allows transpilation to the hardware basis gates set before execution.


  1. New commuting Pauli strings exponentiation function. See Commuting Pauli Exponentiation.
  2. Allow modulo operation on single variables in addition to expressions. See Modulo.
  3. More expressions are now available in functions with expression parameters (trigonometric, sqrt, exp, relational operators, and more). See Supported Expressions.
  4. New custom oracle function. See Custom Oracle.