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Upgrade Instructions

Interface Changes

  1. Support visualization of empty (0) and non-empty (1) control qubit, thus supporting every classical string as control state. See details on control states: MCX gate.

  2. Add optional user-defined timeout for the optimization stage of synthesis. See Optimization Timeout.

  3. Modify default two-qubit basis gate list. See information on basis gates for synthesis: Hardware Aware Synthesis.

  4. Add update_problem method for GroundStateProblem. Use it before defining chemical ansatze. See Chemistry.

  5. Change to the static image of the generated circuit: it is no longer created by default. To draw the circuit, set the draw_image field of the synthesis preferences to True.

  6. Change the interface of Explicit Qubit Release in the Python SDK:

    • Deprecate explicit declaration of zero inputs.
    • Declare zero outputs via the release_qregs method.

New Features

  1. Add quantum phase estimation as a new built-in function. See PhaseEstimation.
  2. New toolbox in application quantum circuit view: toolbar See Analyzer Web Application.