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Upgrade Instructions

Interface Changes

  1. Support visualization of empty (0) and non-empty (1) control qubit, thus support every classical string as control state. For further details on control states see MCX gate.

  2. Add optional user-defined timeout for the optimization stage of synthesis. See Optimization Timeout.

  3. Default two-qubit basis gate list has been modified. For further information on basis gates for synthesis, see Hardware Aware Synthesis.

  4. Add update_problem method for GroundStateProblem. The user needs to use it before defining chemical ansatze. See Chemistry.

  5. The static image of the generated circuit is no longer created by default. The user may set the draw_image field of the synthesis preferences to True in order to draw the circuit.

  6. Changed the interface of Explicit Qubit Release in the Python SDK:

    • Deprecate explicit declaration of zero inputs.
    • Declaration of zero outputs is done via the release_qregs method.

New Features

  1. Quantum phase estimation is now added as a new builtin-function; see PhaseEstimation.
  2. New toolbox in application Quantum circuit view: toolbar For more information, visit Analyzer Web Application.