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Upgrade Instructions


  1. Add a negation function. See Negation.
  2. Add a bitwise invert function. See BitwiseInvert.

Interface Changes

  1. Rename the s3_buckey_key parameter in AwsBackendPreferences to s3_folder. See AWS Backend.
  2. Add default values for the IBM Provider credentials that refer to the IBM open-access quantum systems. See IBM Backend.
  3. Remove the show_interactive method. Use show instead.
  4. Rename the Model.logic_flow and NativeFunctionDefinition.logic_flow attributes to body.
  5. Set the arithmetic expression result name to "expression_result", instead of setting it via the output_name field. See Arithmetic Expression.
  6. Replace the Model.function_library property with Model.functions, which is identical to Model.function_library.functions.
  7. Add a function that constructs the model for the QSVM application. See QSVM.
  8. Do not create interactive_html during synthesis. Use the IDE instead.
  9. Add a show function that gets the generated circuit. See Quantum Program Visualization Tool.

IDE Changes

  1. When executing circuits through IDE, vendor credentials such as IBM access token can now be saved in your native browser password manager for your next runs.
  2. Controlled functions like the ones that appear in StatePreparation and QPE now have controlled visualization (like MCX or CX).
  3. The registers for controlled gates do not appear merged, but do have names on the wires.
  4. Tutorials on the Basics & Advanced pages are now downloadable as Jupyter notebooks.
  5. The circuit visualization now supports auxiliary registers. See Registers.


  1. Stop support for Python 3.7, starting with version 0.25.
  2. Remove the FunctionLibraryData class.
  3. Remove name from FunctionLibrary.
  4. These objects in the SDK are set for deprecation in a future release:

    • GroundStateSolver
    • CombinatorialOptimization
    • CombinatorialOptimizer
    • QAOAPreferences
    • QSVM