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Upgrade Instructions

Deprecation Notice

The documentation moved from to Currently, the old URL redirects to the new one, but it is deprecated and will be disabled soon.

Interface Changes

  1. Update the Executor interface:

    1. Add a new method, Executor.execute, to wrap both Executor.execute_quantum_program and Executor.execute_generated_circuit. (Both functions are still available.)
    2. Add a new method, GeneratedCircuit.to_program, to allow automatic generation of a QuantumProgram object according to synthesis data. Manual generation is still available.
  2. Update the model designing interface:

    The model constraints and preferences are now specified explicitly in separate fields in the VSCode extension, or constructed as Constraints and Preferences objects, respectively, before passing to the model designer in the Python SDK. Synthesis Preferences, Model Constraints.

  3. When the model created is parametrized, the default output of the OpenQASM is OpenQASM3.

New Features

  1. Add optional arithmetic simplifications, activated by Arithmetic.simplify of the ArithmeticOracle.simplify argument.
  2. Make inputs to the arithmetic function available as outputs (if not overridden).
  3. Add Hamiltonian Variational Ansatz. See HVA.
  4. Add the option to give a modified Hamiltonian to GroundStateSolver.
  5. Add a hardware comparison table to the analyzer SDK that compares transpiled circuits on different hardware. Choose among between IBM Quantum, AWS Braket, and Azure Quantum. The table includes the depth, multi-qubit gate count, and total gate count.
  6. Add standard deviation to VQE output. See GroundStateResult.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a bug when indexing/slicing the inputs/outputs of a composite function.