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Interface Changes

  1. Deprecate the classiq_interface. To install Classiq's Python SDK, use only:
    pip install -U classiq
  2. Migrate the classiq_interface namespace to classiq.interface. Update your code to use

    from classiq.interface import *
    Instead of:

    from classiq_interface import *
    For example, with the updated namespace:

    from classiq.interface.generator.state_preparation import (
    And not from classiq_interface.generator.state_preparation import.

  3. Rename the "method" parameter to "uncomputation_method".
  4. Return an OptimizationResult object from CombinatorialOptimization.solve().
  5. Modify the input field atoms in the Molecule class as a list of atoms, each containing the string of the atom's symbol and a tuple of its (x,y,z) location; for example, atoms=[('H', (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)), ('H', (0.0, 0.0, 0.735))]. See Chemistry.
  6. Add an option to provide a custom basis gate list to the model, which is used to compose the functions. See the circuit synthesis documentation: Synthesis Preferences (Hardware Settings).

New Features

  1. Allow entering the optimization problem with a custom lower bound, including a negative integer number.
  2. Support the cirq format as input in the analyzer.
  3. Add a documentation page about the Modulo operation, explaining the operation and how to use it. It is located under User Guide / Builtin functions / Arithmetic.
  4. Determine the name of a specific instance of a function, to distinguish between multiple calls to the same function.