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Execution on IBM Quantum Cloud

The Classiq executor supports execution on IBM simulators and hardware.


Execution on IBM Simulators

from classiq.execution import IBMBackendPreferences

preferences = IBMBackendPreferences(backend_name="Name of requsted quantum simulator")

Opening info tab

Supported Simulators

  • Any Aer simulator, including: "aer_simulator", "aer_simulator_statevector", "aer_simulator_density_matrix", "aer_simulator_matrix_product_state"
  • Fake hardware simulators

Execution on IBM Hardware

Execution on IBM hardware requires a valid IBM Quantum API access token, and access to the requested hardware with an IBM Quantum hub, group, and project name.

The hub, group and project default values refer to the open access quantum systems, and are:

  • hub = "ibm-q"
  • group = "open"
  • project = "main"
from classiq.execution import (

ibm_provider = IBMBackendProvider(
    hub="Hub name", group="Group name", Project="Project name"
preferences = IBMBackendPreferences(
    backend_name="Name of requsted quantum hardware",
    access_token="A Valid API access token to IBM Quantum",

Opening info tab