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Upgrade Instructions

Python Version

Python version 3.7 is no longer supported.

Interface Changes

  1. Initialize registers with values by explicitly setting them as inputs. See arithmetic initial conditions.
  2. In QNN, use the execute_qnn utility function instead of Executor. See Quantum Layer Execution.

IDE Changes

  1. New QMOD Arithmetic example available in the Synthesis page under Built-in Algorithms.
  2. Update Basics Tutorials.
  3. Update Advanced Tutorials.

Bug fixes

  1. Display metrics aligned with the Synthesis Engine in the hardware comparison table.


  1. New export options on the circuit page: Transpiled QASM, Q#, Microsoft's QIR, IonQ Json, Cirq JSON, OpenQASM 2.0, and Export all.
  2. New estimation of operators in QNN. See Quantum Layer Execution.