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Interface Changes

  1. Rename arithmetic mapping methods:
    1. 'pebble' -> 'optimized'
    2. 'topological' -> 'naive'

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix issue with execution on AWS Rigetti devices.

New Features

  1. Experimental feature: circuit.show_interactive now takes an optional parameter: jupyter: bool, defaults to False. When set to True, only inside jupyter notebook, the interactive HTML is displayed in the cell's output. 153749121-008ddfdb-d168-48e2-b3b2-8ce327a2567b.png
  2. Support execution on IBM Quantum hosted backends. To do so, provide the following backend preferences:

      "backend_service_provider": "IBM Quantum",
      "backend_name": "<backend name>",
      "access_token": "<YOUR API TOKEN>",
      "provider": {
        "hub": "<hub>",
        "group": "<group>",
        "project": "<project>"
    Note that the hub, group, and project fields as well as the entire provider field are optional. Refer to

  3. Allow calling the Mcx function with multiple registers.