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Interface Changes

  1. Renaming of arithmetic mapping methods:
    1. 'pebble' -> 'optimized',
    2. 'topological' -> 'naive'

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix issue with execution on AWS Rigetti devices.

New Features

  1. Experimental feature: circuit.show_interactive now takes an optional parameter: jupyter: bool, defaults to False. When set to True, only inside jupyter notebook, the interactive html will be displayed in the cell's output. 153749121-008ddfdb-d168-48e2-b3b2-8ce327a2567b.png
  2. Support execution on IBM Quantum hosted backends. To do so, provide the following backend preferences:

      "backend_service_provider": "IBM Quantum",
      "backend_name": "<backend name>",
      "access_token": "<YOUR API TOKEN>",
      "provider": {
        "hub": "<hub>",
        "group": "<group>",
        "project": "<project>"
    Note that the hub, group, and project fields as well as the entire provider field are optional. For more information, refer to

  3. Allow calling the Mcx function with multiple registers.