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Interface Changes

  1. Modify the GroundStateProblem object. HamiltonianReduction object fields moved to be fields of GroundStateProblem object directly. For more information see, Chemistry
  2. Deprecate VQEOptimization class. Its fields are now part of OptimizerPreferences class.
  3. For combinatorial optimization use CombinatorialOptimizer instead of OptimizationPreferences. For chemistry use GroundStateOptimizer instead of OptimizationPreferences.

Bug Fixes

  1. When using the ArithmeticOracle inside a GroverOperator, if the expression has a boolean value (i.e. when solving a SAT problem), it is now possible to not end the expression with "==1". This saves one qubit in the circuit.
  2. Fix bugs in the analyzer, related to circuits with functions and qregs.

New Features

  1. We've added a new function: UCC (Unitary Coupled Cluster), see Chemistry.
  2. The exponentiation function is now added to the builtin functions, see Exponentiation.
  3. When generating a circuit using VS Code, a new file is created, containing the transpiled circuit in a .qasm format.
  4. Format the gate definitions in OpenQASM2 output by default (add line breaks inside). To disable this feature, add the following options to the Python SDK:
model_designer.preferences.pretty_qasm = False

And the VSCode extension (.qmod) file:

  "preferences": {
    "pretty_qasm": false