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Upgrade Instructions

Interface Changes

  1. The circuit synthesis API has changed, and now uses an asynchronous model. Synthesizing the circuit is now made of 2 API calls - submitting a circuit synthesis job, and checking its status. Once the synthesis is done, the result of the status check will include the synthesis results. All calls are made automatically when calling the ModelDesigner's synthesize function.

New Features

  1. Allow generating arithmetic expressions without uncomputation.
  2. Connectivity graph improvements in the Analyzer:
    • Automatic transpilation of the circuit to all the supplied hardware
    • Fix hardware layout
    • Hover box information: logical and physical qubit index.
    • UI improvements. Analyzer: Qubit Connectivity
  3. Function input and output qubits can now be indexed and sliced as part of the data flow definition, allowing for a more flexible model design process: Register Indexing and Slicing.
  4. Inputs and outputs must be specified when defining a composite function using the textual model: Composite Functions: Defining the Logic Flow.
  5. The Multi-Control-X function now allows for implementations with logarithmic depth and linear CX-count as well as a versatile number of auxiliary qubits: Multi-Control-X.
  6. Setting the optimization parameter for the synthesis process is now possible: Constraints: Optimization Parameter.
  7. Add support in analyzing randomized benchmarking (RB) results for multiple hardware:
    • Analyze the result
    • Plot the different results Vs. hardware
    • Plot the mean-fidelity graph for a single RB experiment