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Execution on Azure Hardware

The executor supports execution on Azure Quantum cloud simulators and hardware. For detailed information please visit:


Execution on Azure Quantum requires an Azure account with an active subscription, and an Azure Quantum workspace with the requested backend provider enabled. For more details please visit:

    "backend_preferences": {
        "backend_service_provider": "Azure Quantum",
        "backend_name": "Name of requested simulator or hardware",
        "credential": {
            "tenant_id": "Azure Tenant ID (from Azure Active Directory)",
            "client_id": "Azure Application (client) ID",
            "client_secret": "Azure Client Secret",
        "location": "Azure region of requested backend",
        "resource_id": "Azure Quantum Workspace Resource ID"
from classiq.interface.backend.backend_preferences import (

cred = AzureCredential(
    tenant_id="Azure Tenant ID (from Azure Active Directory)",
    client_id="Azure Application (client) ID",
    client_secret="Azure Client Secret",

preferences = AzureBackendPreferences(
    backend_name="Name of requsted simulator or hardware",
    location="Azure region of requested backend",
    resource_id="Azure Quantum Workspace Resource ID",

Please note, some hardware isn't available all the time. Please check the availability windows with Azure Quantum.